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Essential Oil Scams Online Beware!

According to Robert Pappas and Jade Bloom both make interesting points into whether essential oils are just out to get your money and which companies to watch out for. Check it out below:

The chances are you have asked yourself this very question.  It’s likely you have concluded that essential oils promote health and wellness or the perceived effectiveness that others claim to derive, is merely “in their head” and what scientists call the placebo effect.

Today, because of my life experiences, I am a critical thinker and I value scientific evidence over individual experience and sound experimental results over traditional use inferences.  In other words, I believe a properly conducted and carefully controlled scientific study should not be rejected over contradictory individual experiences or over what has been traditionally held as true.  Science has changed our paradigm for thousands of years and continues to do so today, always providing us with a better understanding of our world and driving us closer to absolute truth.  The earth is no longer flat nor is it the center of the Universe.  We now know that more stars exist other than those that we can count in the night sky.  Smoking is no longer “good for your throat”, as advertisements once claimed backed by Physicians.  Apparently you can get pregnant standing up, people don’t die at supersonic speeds, spontaneous generation is a myth, and racial superiority has been disproven through DNA mapping.

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